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"When we perform virtues deeds, we will receive good blessings; when we commit

evil acts, we will receive bad endings. Good seeds bear good fruits; bad seeds

bear bad fruits; this is the law of karmic retribution." It’ll create a good

person & this inspiration is a root of peace and harmony of your own self and

others too, even whole world. Self discipline cures our body, deep concentration

cures our mind and wisdom cures our behavior. Therefore, a person who

practices Buddhism is wise in thought, speech and behavior.


So, how could such a person be unhappy?



  ”Karma gives difficult to all Good people, but it will never let them down.

Karma gives all good things to bad people but it will forsake them”


So, indeed always parents should advice to kids!  Learn & let them learn more from Buddhism.

But, no matter what, we are not saying that Buddhism is the best. As Buddha Shakyamuni said,  

“Oh monks, when I teach to you, don't accept it blindly,

because you love and respect me. But, examine it and put it to test, just as a

goldsmith examines gold by cutting, heating and hammering or rubbing to know

whether it was genuine gold or artificial one. If you see it is acceptable, only

then accepts and follows it and not just out of devotion." This is the Buddha's Way.


"A good person means someone with a good heart, a sense of caring for the welfare of others,

a sense of commitment, and a sense of responsibility. Education and the warm compassionate heart -

if you combine these 2, then you are on your way to becoming a happy person"

~H. H. 14th Dalai Lama


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